Ukraine Health Ministry license №063855 AD Series

Welcome to CosmoLight

There are appreciated and preserved the true beauty and youth in cosmetology center «Cosmo-Light». The name comes from the word «light» — the light, as the center focuses on beauty techniques, using laser and light. Twenty-five years of experience allow doctors — aesthetists in our center confidently combine classic methods of skin care products with revolutionary scientific developments in order to achieve your dreams. Professionalism, a clear understanding of the capabilities of different methods and individually created programs provide high satisfaction results.
Perfectly technically equipped center «Cosmo-Light» has a tradition of sustained high service levels: spiritual, unobtrusive communication and coziness. The needs and wishes of each client are important. Amateurs of «travelers» find procedure of relaxing massage with a deep restoration of vitality in «Cosmo-Light». Connoisseurs of quick results use high-tech procedures such as fractional rejuvenation and contouring … Team of professionals in our center successfully realizes all your dreams.
Light your beauty — «Cosmo-Light.»